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Wednesday September 17, 2014
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M C C - Myanmar Community Coffs Harbour
Apr 2012
Written by Administrator

Burmese New Year Celebrations

We, Burmese people, celebrate our New Year celebrations in our own traditional way. It’s called Ata Thin Kyen (Water Festival = thrown water each other gently and softly). Normally the New Year celebration is taken place in April (Tengular in Burmese calendar) but it cannot be said on which date and day and how many days will be celebrated. According to the Burmese calendar and depending on the Burmese Astrology experts, it is decided when the New Year celebration will take place. It is both the best religious and cultural celebration for us. Majority of Burmese, more than 80 %, are Buddhist but every one celebrates Burmese New Year. It is normally celebrated for 5 or 6 days including Nit Sun Tityet Nae (New Year’s Day).

The New Year celebration is the longest public holiday in Burma. We have celebrated the Burmese New Year since Pagan Kingdom more than 1200 years ago. On the other side we all have to consider the monsoon weather in Burma. It is extremely hot in April in Burma so we have to stay co

ol and relax to be healthy and strong. During these New Year days, we have to do so many good things as much as we want, Ata Thin Kyen is the biggest part of our celebration. Our Burmese New Year celebrations are different from other New Year celebrations. It is more about beautiful and lovely cultural practice, religious belief, Burmese Astrology and spirituality. It is also a reflection of our good and bad Karma during the last year. We belief in what we have done (karma), and try to practices good karma. Buddhist monks and elderly people are key parts of the religious celebration for our New Year celebrations. Burmese people are very generous, kind and like to do merit. So every early morning of these days, we donate monks many things such as food, materials, money etc… We, young people and middle age people, go to village or section temple or monastery prepare for collection of donations from each house from many sections or villages. We invite Buddhist monks to come to village temple to offer Buddha words about Buddhist and Nit Titku Ata Thin Kyen. Most of the kids and children started Ata Thin Kyen (water festible) early morning while we were collecting food and donations from people. Ata Thin Kyen is more crowded after 8 Am. Throwing water the whole day under the sun, we belief that Ata Thin Kyen’s water is clean bad things or evil things from our body and spirit, protected us from evils and dangers, healthy and give us new fresh energy for next year. Everyone are free to eat at so


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  • Currently living in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia there is estimated to be over 300 Myanmarese people including Burmese,Chin, Kachin, Karen, Karenni (Kayah) and Shan. Myanmar community members have often gathered together in order to socialise and support each other in their homes, at TAFE or community college, at Churches or Buddhist monastery and at community events such as Harmony Week, Refugee week and Multicultural week since 2006. Community members who immigrated to Australia founded Myanmar Community Coffs Harbour (MCC) on the 16th of February 2012 to establish a strong and united Myanmar community and achieve common goals.




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